This is me 10 years ago in India while on my abroad program Semester at Sea. I circumnavigated the world and gained a forever growing passion for travel! 

With a passion for travel, I also love planning my own trips but have yet to figure out a stress-free method! I like to get itineraries and trip lists from friends to help plan my travel. However, between figuring out who has been where to get a rec, and then organizing the collected google docs, email chains etc. into an organized trip plan, it's always overwhelming.

Therefore, I am creating a platform to easily create, share, and discover trip itineraries between friends and fellow travelers. The goal is to make travel planning a fun, shareable, and easy process! 

Curating a community of tripographers

What is a Tripographer?

"Ographer" means either written or knowledgeable about a specific subject. Therefore, Tripographer means a person who writes or collects knowledge about trips. 

The Tripographers Mission

Make travel planning a fun, shareable, and easy process. 

How do I become a great Tripographer?

The more knowledge shared from a trip, the greater the tripographer!